November 15, 2017

On Sunday we had a great night at the Ortlip centre and woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Since Tyrus was feeling better we didn’t dawdle in the morning and quickly packed up. Even though Tyrus was still weak and tired, I was excited to have the chance to take a tap tap and fly boat back to LaGonave!

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words. Praise God that Tyrus didn’t get worse and had a speedy recovery after our hospital visit. We are also so thankful to Robin and Beth Churchill and Dr. Bob and Marcia Vermaire for taking such excellent care of us. God is good!

Enjoying the peaceful sunrise from our Creator made it all worth it.

Waiting outside the Ortlip Centre for a tap tap (taxi) to stop.

Holding a sick child means you get to ride in front! Robin hopped in the back of the truck and hung on with the other passengers.

Enjoying pate for breakfast from one of the street vendors. A delicious pocket of fried dough with veggies and chicken inside.

On the fly boat waiting to go! Fly boats are motor boats used to ferry passengers to and from LaGonave.

Robin, Marcia, April, and sleepy Tyrus. We were four of twenty-six passengers. Crossing time can be as fast as 20 minutes. Ours was closer to 35.



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