When do you leave for Haiti?

As soon as we are 100% funded! Our target is to be fully funded by October 31, 2018 so we can move in early November. To ensure that we don’t need to leave the field for financial reasons before our term is up, Global Partners requires that we have 100% of our budget in Faith-Promise Commitments before we are allowed to purchase tickets for our flight.

How do I give?

It’s simple. Read through the FAQs below then click here.

What happens to the money I give now if you aren’t leaving until Fall 2018?

Our missionary service (and expenses) started in September 2016 when we were appointed by Global Partners. Our current ministry includes traveling to share with churches and individuals what God is doing in Haiti, and inviting others to partner with us in this mission. Any funds we don’t use during this part of our ministry go toward our Cash Balance (see Cash Balance below). We are currently over 50% funded. Jordan has completed his service with the Royal Canadian Navy, allowing us to focus full time on our role as GP missionaries (It was hard doing two jobs at the same time!).

What is a “faith promise?”

It’s a commitment that you make with the confidence that God will provide. In order to be cleared to leave for Haiti in Summer 2018 we need our full budget in faith promise commitments. So, while one-time gifts are helpful, especially for establishing our Cash Balance (see Cash Balance below), faith commitments are critical to getting on the field.

When I make a faith promise, how frequently do I give?

It’s up to you. Most people commit to give monthly or annually. You can send in paper cheques or sign up for automatic withdrawals.

How do I make a faith promise commitment?

Canadian partners can request a paper or digital copy of a faith promise card from us, complete the card and return it. American partners can complete a faith promise commitment online here or request a paper card. Or, just send an email to april.tatton@gponline.org, or donorservices@gponline.org stating your name, contact info, and the amount, and frequency of your commitment (monthly, annual, one time, etc.).

Is my giving tax deductible?


How much do you need to raise?

We are a family of five, so, a lot. We completely understand why you ask and we’re happy to answer. We don’t publish our budget but would be happy to discuss specifics in person.

How is the money you raise spent?

The money we raise covers our salary, language training, health insurance, travel to and within the field, education for our children, and all of our ministry expenses. A small portion of what we raise supports the missions agency that supports us. We don’t publish our budget but would be happy to discuss specifics in person.

How long is my commitment for?

Your commitment is for as long as you want it to be for. You can commit to a year or simply sign up to give indefinitely. You can stop whenever you want. We simply appreciate if you would inform us if there is a change to your commitment.

Are there other ways I can support you financially?

We are raising money for the vehicle fund for our family transportation in Haiti. You can donate online or by cheque, and add “Vehicle Fund” to the memo.

What is your “Cash Balance?”

Our Cash Balance is basically the money we raise but don’t spend. This money provides a buffer for us when our financial partners drop off or change. Our Cash Balance is roughly 20% of our total annual budget.

How do I join your financial support team?

Click here. Decide if you want to give regularly (faith promise) or a one-time gift (give). It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. Thanks for your investment in our ministry!

Do you have other questions? Click here to submit one. We’re happy to answer and will send you a personal response!

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